Fashion Consulting STUDIO CHEIDY


We are a consolidated consultancy firm in the design and communication of the fashion sector, founded in Milan in 2002. Made up of specialized personnel in the various development cycles of a fashion collection, our team will be able to follow you fully in the creation of the identity of your brand, offering you a series of services starting from trend research to product design up to the creation of sewing patterns, woman and man.

Together with our team you will be able to complete any project from entire collections to individual clothing products. Just ask to get what your brand needs to integrate on the market, thrilling the customer for originality and quality, whether you are launching a product line for the first time or you are an established company

With us you can maintain the utmost confidentiality on any corporate data and information because for us loyalty and trust are insurmountable, firm points. We are fair, responsible and punctual and these are characteristics that have always distinguished us

You will find a team with whom you can carry out those phases of the creation of a collection that you often neglect due to a matter of time or lack of specific personnel. With us you have the opportunity to lighten the internal overload of work because you can delegate any task of developing a collection to collaborators who know their work perfectly

Our services are born with the mission of giving added value to all those brands that wish to make a substantial improvement to their product by creating a strong and easily recognizable identity. This is why our continuous research for improvement, combined with the ability to know how to recognize quality, can be integrated with an efficient management organization, helping you at any time